VIDEO: MixTape Live @Zeitgeist Gallery, Nashville

Performance on October 13, 2018 as part of artist Vesna Pavlović’s exhibit at Zeitgeist Gallery.
Ex-Yugoslav music performed by Nashville musicians:

The Robe (Rollum Haas of Coupler, The Features, lylas)
Sehr Modern (Nikki Avendano of lylas with Peter McCarville)
Dumbsigns (Kyle Hamlett of lylas, Kelly Diehl of New Hat Projects)
Cassie Berman and Patrick Damphier
The Styrofoam Winos (Trevor Nikrant and company)
Lambda Celsius (Ann Catherine Carter‘s solo project)
Sugarsklls (Ben Marcentel)

MixTape is produced by Loney John Hutchins, Music director, Cleftmusic.
Video by Bill Badi.

Vesna Pavlović’s MixTape: B-SIDES

By Vladimir Jerić Vlidi, media researcher, publisher, and author.
From the text:
“A mixtape, just like photography, is a phenomenon that requires the three conditions of existence: it needs an author as the point of observation, it needs an external object of perception, and it needs a medium to record the results. Trough her MixTape project (re)examining her early work Vesna Pavlović challenges this premise on many levels.”